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ISBN-10: 0345522796

ISBN-13: 9780345522795

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Even the ghostly girl behind the desk offers Nico a half smile when she hands him his daily work sheet. Sure enough, today’s teaching assignment promises something new—Josie Felton. He likes the name. It’s so very American, and he imagines a blond, ponytailed girl, ready to conquer Paris. His Paris. He’ll show her the way. He tucks the computer printout with her name and the details of their lesson—meeting time, duration, level of French, areas of concentration—into his back pocket. It’s time to meet Chantal at the café.

Did she misunderstand him? So far, everything she has done since Simon died has been a pretense. Everything except for the deep, bottomless sleep she stumbles into, as if plummeting off a cliff, every night. “I don’t understand,” she says. He takes her arm and moves her effortlessly across the street with the flow of people. She’s astonished that it’s so easy—he leads, she walks. Yesterday, without someone at her side, she stood paralyzed in front of the gates of Père Lachaise Cemetery for over an hour.

Josie shook the woman’s hand, looking at her hand, and then, seeing a diamond there, looked up, into warm eyes, a wide smile. A tiny half-moon scar on a high cheekbone. “I want to thank you,” the woman said. Her voice was deep and honeyed. A beautiful voice. Josie, who always had something to say, was struck dumb. The woman’s hand moved to her arm, holding her there. “You did so much for him,” she said in a conspiratorial whisper. “Mom,” Brady complained. “He’s good,” Josie said, stupidly, as if that was all she could muster.

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