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By Clarence Rannefeld

ISBN-10: 1579900216

ISBN-13: 9781579900212

An outline of an easy four-step method for developing laminated designs, appropriate for rookies and skilled woodworkers. the writer additionally considers easy instruments and methods, offering a range of 5 step by step tasks for creating a cheese board, candle field, serving tray, and a video game desk.

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Книга Marquetry MarquetryКниги English литература Автор: Pierre Ramond Год издания: 2003 Формат: pdf Страниц: 218 Размер: fifty five. 7 MB ISBN: 0892366850 Язык: Русский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:For centuries the artwork of marquetry has been headquartered in Paris, the place the culture has been transmitted in simple terms inside workshops centred within the Faubourg Saint-Antoine.

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Field making is ideal for starting woodworkers attracted to gaining abilities, experimenting with layout, and feeling pride at a venture that may be accomplished with no the time and fee dedication of a larger venture. This e-book will supply easy designs, in addition to many adaptations to educate diversified woodworking suggestions whereas the reader creates a pragmatic merchandise or a present that might turn into an heirloom.

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Think the great thing about a deer working in the course of the wooded area, a buffalo status on a prairie at sundown, or a mallard drake winging during the cattails-all stunningly carved in wooden lower than inches thick. this is often the paintings of natural world aid carving, the place based photos of animals and birds are dropped at existence with carving innovations which are effortless to grasp and acceptable to any kind of woodcarving you decide to do.

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Figure 46 Fignre 48 Obsem the roundness of the corner at the back edge of the nostril - not a sharp cut as is so often seen on carvings. Also, compare the lips on this picture with 49, 50 & 51. Notice the excessively curvaceous line of the lips and the distinct division of the tap lip into three sections - a bulbous central one and two sharply undercut side sections. Note also that the central goove above the lip runs up towards the nose, then splits into two with only a narrow central section connecting with the middle ofthe nose, while the outside ridges run back and fade out.

As can be seen from the finished carving, Fig 101, and the drawings, Fig 77, the hair has been arranged into a series of hanging loops, pulled back from the hairline all around the face. Finally, the lips are softened and rounded by sanding, the top lip thickened a little, and the lower lip undercut to give slightly more pour, and the chin tapered and smoothed. Almost all of this can be done by careful sanding (Figs 94 & 101a). We now come to the hair. The method is the same as on page 62, but far more complex.

1, cut a smooth curve around the back of the nostrils. This is frequently cut in with a larger gouge as a sharp cut, but it is rarely a sharp corner in reality. 5, scoop out the depression between the nostrils and the tip of the nose. Next, use a rotary burr to excavate the actual hole of the nostrils. Study the photos of the nose carefully, Fig 48,49 & 50, and observe the subtle curling shape around this area. Carry on below the nose and cut the groove between the nose and the top lip, using the burr again if you prefer Now we come to the mouth, in my opinion the most expressive and most difficult feature of the face.

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