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Also, premature absorption and disintegration of the solder is possible, which may result in early dehiscence of the union. , 1994). Menovsky et al. performed a study to evaluate CO2 laser–assisted nerve repair and compare it with nerve repair performed with fibrin glue or absorbable sutures (Menovsky & Beek, 2001). The sciatic nerves of rats were sharply transected and approximated using two 10-0 absorbable sutures and then fused by means of CO2 milliwatt laser welding (power 100 mW, exposure time 1 second per pulse, spot size 320um), with the addition of a protein solder (bovine albumin) to reinforce the repair site.

J Prosthet Dent. , J Oral Rehabil 26, 91-96 (1999) Watanabe I, Topham Ds. Laser welding of cast titanium and dental alloys using argon shielding. J Prosthodont. 2006 Mar-Apr;15(2):102-7 Yamagishi T, Ito M, Fujimura Y.. Mechanical properties of laser welds of titanium in dentistry by pulsed Nd:YAG laser apparatus. J Prosthet Dent. , J Prosth Dent 70, 264-273 (1993) Laser nerve welding 29 x2 Laser nerve welding Kun Hwang, MD, PhD,1 and Sun Goo Kim, MD, PhD2 1Inha University College of Medicine, 2Gachon University Gil Hospital, Republic of Korea 1.

1989). Hwang et al. , 2005). In the buccal branches of rat’s facial nerves on the both sides were transected, and CO2 laser welding of the epineurium was performed on the right side and microsurgical suture technique was applied on the left side. 1). In six rats Cholera Toxin B Subunit (CTb) was injected in the epineurium distal to the nerve anastomosis site at postoperative week 4 and 8 (Fig. 2). Fig. 2. Four-week postoperative photographs. (Left) Laser-assisted nerve anastomosis. Arrow indicates anastomosis site.

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