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By Paul Ricoeur, George Taylor

ISBN-10: 0231060483

ISBN-13: 9780231060486

The single on hand number of Ricoeur's lectures on ideology and utopia, this seminal assortment discusses the paintings of Althusser, Marx, Habermas, Geertz, Mannheim, and Weber.

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A N OT E O N T HE T E X T As 1 menti oned above, Paul Ricoeur delivered the ideology and utopia of Chicago . The lectures were l ectures in the fall of I 975 at the University was created from these transcript verbatim a and entirety, eir th in taped of the lectures was based on these transcripts and on editing My ta pes. f{ 1 coeur's own lecture notes, which he graciously provided to me. ::ture notes were available for all except for the first, introductory lecture, t h e two l ectu res on Marx's The German Ideology, and the lecture on Geertz .

I mention only in passing an earlier, more positive use of the word "ideology, " since it has disappeared from the philosophical scene . This usage derived from a school of thought in eighteenth-century French philosophy , people who called themselves ideologues, advocates of a theory of ideas. Theirs was a kind of semantic philosophy, saying philosophy has not to do with things , with reality , but merely with ideas . If this school of thought is of any remaining interest , it is perhaps because the pejorative use of the word "ideology" started precisely in reference to it .

The development in these early works encompasses the difficult progression, completed only in The Gennan Ideology, toward the identification between reality and human praxis. So Marx's early writings are a movement toward this identification between reality and praxis and, consequently, toward the constitution of the opposition between praxis and ideology. A principal element in the development of the first Marxist concept of ideology is its extrication from a Feuerbachian anthropology. Feuerbach centered his anthropology around the concept of Gattungswesen, which has been translated into English as "generic essence" or "species being .

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