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The enemy in washington is extra to be feared than the enemy in Moscow Communism didn't ruin tari....

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It was George Washington who described the United States as a Confederated Republic). We call our paper, 'The American Fabian' because our policies must in a measure differ from those of the English Fabians. England and America are alike in some things; in some things they are utterly unlike. England's constitution readily admits to constant though gradual modification. Our American Constitution does not readily admit to such change. England can thus move into Socialism almost imperceptibly. " Thus from the very beginning it was clear that the main challenge to introducing Socialism to the United States was the Constitution and that from that day 26 One World Order: Socialist Dictatorship onwards, it became the target of Socialist attacks on the institutions that make up the Confederated Republic of the United States of America.

Socialism can be fairly described as a dangerous conspiracy cloaked in a mantle of reforms. " The Socialists "reformed" education, and they are "reforming" health care. They "reformed" the banking system, which "reform" gave us the Federal Reserve Banks. They "reformed" trade laws and broke down protective tariffs that had provided most of the revenue needed to run the country, right up until 1913. In education, the Fabian Socialists seek to create a "mediocre majority" that has the semblance, but not the substance, of being educated.

Obviously, the upper range of intelligent students were held at the mediocre levels. So far has education regressed in the United States, that even those whom we think we elect to serve us in Congress, do not understand the language of the Constitution of the United States and our Senators, in particular, grow more incompetent in the Constitution with each passing year. Returning to the Bolshevik Revolution. The deception was the Socialist leaders in England gave the false impression that it was a "Socialist" revolution meant to improve the lot of the Russian people and put paid to the tyranny of the Romanovs.

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