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1812 "The w ife of C h arbo nneau" dies at Fort Manuel in the Dakotas. 29 TERMS blubber (BLUH-bur) oral tradition (OR-uhl truh-DISH-uhn) Blu bber is the fa t un de r tb e skin o f a whale. W illiam C lark bo ugbt so me blubber from O ral traditi o n is th e han d ing dow n o f history, beliefs, and c ustoms th ro ugh sto rytellin g. Often it is tbe o nl y histo ry of peo pl e w ho h ave no w ritten acco unts. Sin ce sto ri es ca n chan ge with each telling, it m ay be hard to kn ow the truth o f sto ries Indi ans near tb e Pac ifi c Ocea n .

C harbonn eau worked as an interp reter fo r Lew is and Clark. 30 told in tb e o ral tradition . pirogue (pih-ROHG) putrid (PYOO-trid) So m ethin g that is putrid is rotten o r d ecayin g. Acco rding to reco rds, th e w ife o f C ha rbo nnea u di ed of a putrid feve r. html Note to Parents, Teacbers, and Libraria1ls: We ro urin ely ve ri fy o ur Web lin ks [0 make sure rhey're sa Fe, acri ve sires-so enco urage yo ur reade rs [0 check rhem a m! Books Bruchac, Joseph. Sacajawea: The Story of Bird Woman and the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

1804 Sacagawea meets M eriweth e r Lewis and William Clark. 1805 Sacagawea gives birth to Pomp in February. In April, the expeditio n leaves Fort Mandan . In August, Sacagawea is reunited with th e peo ple of the Shoshone tribe. In November, th e ex pedition reaches the Pacifi c Ocean . c. 1850-1870 Afte r many years of wandering, Sacagawea may have return ed to her peo p le. She is reunited with h er son , Jean Baptiste, and h er adopted so n, Bazil. 1884 T he Shos ho ne woman who called herself Sacagawea di es on the rese rvatio n.

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