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George Greenstein explains why this double-resonance process is so extraordinary: There are three quite separate structures in this story—helium, beryllium, and carbon—and two quite separate resonances. It is hard to see why these nuclei should work together so smoothly… Other nuclear reactions do not proceed by such a remarkable chain of lucky breaks…It is like discovering deep and complex resonances between a car, a bicycle, and a truck. Why should such disparate structures mesh together so perfectly?

But what would have happened if the electric charge of proton and electron were not equal? Every atom in the universe would have carried a positive electric charge, because of their more massive protons. As a consequence, all atoms would have repelled one another. What if this were to happen now, with all the atoms in the universe repelling one another? The results would be extraordinary. Let’s begin with the changes to your body that would take place. If such were to occur, your arms and the hands that hold this book would disintegrate at once.

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