Download Advances in Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery 4: by Gábor Szikla (auth.), F. John Gillingham, Jan Gybels, Edward PDF

By Gábor Szikla (auth.), F. John Gillingham, Jan Gybels, Edward Hitchcock, Gian Franco Rossi, Gábor Szikla (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3211815910

ISBN-13: 9783211815915

ISBN-10: 3709185920

ISBN-13: 9783709185926

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Read or Download Advances in Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery 4: Proceedings of the 4th Meeting of the European Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery, Paris 1979 PDF

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32 J. Bancaud: 2. Central stimulation. ). To reproduce the seizure and/or the symptom-signal. 4. Investigation Process a) Basic conditions of the investigation These conditions will vary according to the type of exploration: acute or chronic investigation in the operating theatre or in the laboratory of clinical neurophysiology; during a conventional or telemetric recording; the patient being awake or asleep etc. However, we wish to emphasize the points we feel to be most important in data gathering: 1.

21. , Stereotactic Neuroradiological Concepts Applied to Surgical Removal of Cortical Epileptogenic Areas. Functional Neurosurgery, pp. ). New-York: Raven Press. 1979. Acta Neurmnirurgica, Suppl. 30, 55-66 (1980) © by Springer-Verlag 1980 Long Term Results of Cortical Excisions Based on Stereotactic Investigations in Severe, Drug Resistant Epilepsies A. ); 74 new cases have since then been operated with a follow-up of at least 18 months. In order to simplify the study of a great number of amnestic, clinical, electrical, neuroradiologic, stereoelectroencephalographic and anatomo-pathologic data corresponding to 115 parameters, our presentation is identical to that of the study published in 1974.

3% of our patients can be classified as cured, taking into account both complete suppression of seizures and cases with exceptional seizures. 5% of our patients are only improved. This improvement might be quite important to some of them or might be only a reduction in the number of seizures, but, due to a complete maladjustment, their way of life remains the same. This group is in fact quite hetero- 61 Long Term Results of Cortical Excisions genous. It include patients with an impressive and important improvement, able to lead a better life than before surgery.

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