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By Chris Ryan

ISBN-10: 140705001X

ISBN-13: 9781407050010

Alpha strength - a gaggle of 5 young ones devoted to scuffling with opposed to injustice on this planet - are in Australia, assisting with a television fact exhibit. but if Paulo spots a perilous terrorist hiding out in a close-by city, occasions without warning strength them right into a terrifying event because the terrorist seizes hostages and flies off into the bush. helping the Australian SAS, Alpha strength need to take motion - no matter if it capacity flying into the midst of a frightening bushfire-

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Volunteered? You mean you got to volunteer? ' He turned to Alex and grinned. 'What do you say, Alex? ' Alex was looking thoughtful. He smiled to himself, as though what Paulo said had echoed a private joke. Paulo read the expression at once. 'Come on, Alex, what are you thinking? ' Alex took a breath. 'Well, I was thinking I might have to do that sort of thing soon anyway. I've applied to join the army. ' Although Alex usually kept himself to himself, he began to warm to his subject. His face became more and more animated in the firelight as he spoke.

It was partly nervousness, partly a sense of the absurdity of his position. Here he was, suspended ten metres up a red cedar tree in the Australian rainforest with his foot on a branch, waiting for the signal to swing on a rope to the next tree. A week earlier Hex hadn't even realized Australia had thick jungles like this. Now he knew - thanks to an online virtual tour while waiting to board his plane - that the vast continent harboured a great variety of terrains, and many extremes. Here at the very tip of the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland all was lush, wet and tropical.

She's just had a tiger by the tail,' said Paulo quietly. He exchanged a glance with Alex. 'A piranha,' corrected Alex softly. 'Leave it out, you two,' said Amber. She peered at the parked jeep. 'Anyway, he's brought his girlfriend or wife or something. ' Ignoring the scorn dripping from Amber's voice, Alex and Paulo watched the jeep as the passenger door opened and a blonde woman climbed out. 'His girlfriend,' hissed Paulo. ' The man started the engine and manoeuvred out of the forecourt and away up the road.

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