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By Rachel A. Koestler-Grack

ISBN-10: 1604135948

ISBN-13: 9781604135947

In Annie Oakley, examine this impressive girl whose sharpshooting talents and quickly wit received her many fanatics and admirers.

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She skipped in from the grandstand gangway, waving and blowing kisses, wearing a short skirt, usually blue or light brown, that fell just below her knees. She embroidered flowers on her skirts and stitched ribbon trim along the hems. Her blouse hung loosely around her waist, allowing her the freedom of movement she needed to shoot. Yet, her collar was stiffly starched, giving her a wholesome, refined look. As an added touch, she pinned a six-pointed star to her sombrero and laced up a pair of pearl-buttoned leggings.

In the fall of 1889, the Universal Exposition closed. The Wild West left Paris and embarked on a three-year tour of Europe. Oakley continued to impress shooters at local gun clubs and to charm world leaders. During one performance, Crown Prince Wilhelm of Germany watched Oakley shoot the tip off a cigarette that Butler held in his mouth. Perhaps thinking the stunt was just a trick, he asked Oakley to repeat the stunt, this time while he held the cigarette. Not wanting to risk harming the crown prince, Oakley agreed to do the stunt only if he held the cigarette in a long holder instead of just between his lips.

During these off-season visits, Oakley got to know her nieces and nephews. She was especially fond of Hulda’s daughter, Fern, who later wrote a biography of Oakley titled Missie. Little Fern watched Oakley sew new costumes or mend her old ones. Oakley brushed them, sponged them with soapy water, and pressed them. Then, she wrapped them in tissue paper to keep them from wrinkling and packed them in her traveling trunk. Fern idolized her famous aunt and wanted to be just like her. After watching Oakley sew, Fern decided to make her own doll dresses.

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