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By W E Johns

Adventures with remarkable flying machines!


It's the 1st global battle and Biggles is simply 17. The planes are primitive; strive against strategies are non-existent; the one kind of verbal exchange for pilots and their gunners is through hand indications. they're reliant at the ability in their fellow workforce, their wit and, specifically else, bravery.

In adverse enemy skies, the place intuition and speedy reactions are every little thing, Biggles needs to discover ways to be a true fighter pilot, or die…but does he have what it takes?

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Beside it stood a tall, thin man in flying-kit; his leather flying-coat, which was filthy beyond description with oil stains, flapped open, exposing an equally dirty tunic, on the breast of which a device in the form of a small pair of wings could just be seen. Under them was a * The First World War 19l4—I8. Principal contenders, the Allies: Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Serbia, Belgium, Japan (1910, Romania (1916), USA (1917). Against the Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria (1910.

I don't think his luck can last much longer. I wouldn't be his observer for anything! Marriot and McAngus are the other two pilots in A Flight. Conway flies with Marriot, and Lutter is Mac's observer; they're a good crowd. Hallo, here comes Mabs. ' `Bigglesworth,' began the flight-commander, coming up, 'I don't want to rush you, but I' m taking a Line patrol up this afternoon. I think it will be pretty quiet, or I wouldn't let you come, even if you wanted to. But the fact is, everybody has been flying all hours, and it will mean extra flying if someone has to make a special journey to show you the Lines.

Not solo. ' `Never mind; they're easy enough to fly,' answered Toddy. ' Biggles departed to his quarters. The work of unpacking his kit occupied only a few minutes, and then he made his way slowly towards the officers' mess*. He was still a little distance away, when the sound of an aero-engine made him glance upwards. An aeroplane was heading towards the aerodrome, a type which he did not recognize. But, unwilling to betray his ignorance before possible spectators in the mess, he paid no further attention to it and continued on his course.

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