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By Susan Brocker

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Every yr we have fun our ANZAC heroes and commemorate the fallen at Gallipolli, donning poppies of their reminiscence each ANZAC Day. yet there have been different heroes and heroines of the 1st international struggle whose tales have remained principally untold - the horses shipped to the center East to hold our troops who fought within the barren region. Privately owned, they have been frequently farm horses who their masters to war, and who fought and suffered along them in atrocious stipulations. courageous Bess used to be the single one to return, and in telling her story, Susan Brocker brings to lifestyles a bit recognized point of our army history, that's either brave and poignant. With remarkable black and white photos together with Bess herself, who's this present day venerated by way of her personal memorial, courageous Bess and the ANZAC Horses celebrates the boys and their mounts in an honest, finally not easy way, because the destiny of the courageous horses keeps to sit down uneasily with modern...

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But when the fierce desert khamsin winds blew, it simply filled the trenches in again and they had to start digging all over again. The horses and troopers spent days out on long patrols across the bleached desert. Great sandhills soared high and rolled away forever. The khamsin winds pelted their faces and blinded their eyes with swirling sand. There were no trees to shade them from the scalding sun, and temperatures soared to 49°C. The horses trudged up to sixty kilometres a day through the roasting sands, lugging their riders and the backbreaking gear.

Only Flame raced on. The troopers soon rounded up the strays, Flame included. They loaded them onto rattling trains bound for Zeitoun, a training camp on the edge of the desert near the bustling city of Cairo. Bess had travelled on trains before, but not across stretches of sand that clogged her eyes and nose with fine, choking dust. When they arrived in camp, a town of tents greeted them. The troopers led the horses to makeshift shelters shaded with rush matting. They tied Bess up alongside her shipmates: steady Jack on one side, fiery Flame on the other.

His legs became so swollen that the skin cracked apart in places. His master spent hours bathing his legs with salt water and massaging them. He was a big, steady man, just like his horse. Bess liked him because he always brought them treats and spoke kindly to them to ease their fretting. In bad weather, the ship rolled and pitched like a bucking bronco, and the horses struggled to stand. The troopers secured them to their stalls with ropes, but some still fell down and couldn’t get up again. During one savage storm, the chestnut mare alongside Bess fell in a panic, kicking out as she went down.

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