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By Wayne Barton

ISBN-10: 0806979240

ISBN-13: 9780806979243

Utilizing at the least instruments, an individual can fast create appealing carvings. beautiful styles, lettering kinds, and designs for jewellery packing containers, humidors, chair backs, buttons, shingles, extra. Many images, styles, diagrams. “The absolute best in ornamental taste.”—Popular Woodworker. “The so much informative ebook ever... fantastically illustrated.”—Chip Chats.

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L CD Metal wedges. are used to secure handle of hammer. However, despite the very best of care, tools and shop equipment are bound to become worn and damaged. The ends of screwdrivers may become chipped or misshapen, chisels broken, a saw may fall off the bench causing a cracked handle, and working parts of vises and machines may bind and balk. It is usually possible to regrind chipped points of screwdrivers and broken ends of chisels to their original shape. Loose hammer and mallet heads should be tightened promptly.

Each power tool has its purpose-and performs it with ease and efficiency. DRIVER-DRILL is designed to function as a power screwdriver but can be quickly converted to serve as an electric drill. SABER SAW cuts curves and scrolls. Can be used to saw plywood parts to size and for "thrust cutting" from inside areas of plywood panel. ROUTER makes fast work of dadoing, grooving and routing. With separate attachments it can be used as a shaper and power plane. 32 p RTABLE P WERT LS CIRCULAR SAW facilitates job of sawing parts to size, especially when extreme lengths of material must be ripped.

Power plane can be used to advantage for squaring edges. To avoid end splintering, cutter should not be allowed to cross corners. Courtesy of Millers Disk sander, with table set perpendicular to sanding surface, smooths and squares plywood parts. Courtesy of DeWalt, Inc. Falls Company. 53 EDGE SHAPING Chamfering and Beveling Often it is desirable to shape the edges of a plywood panel for functional or decorative effect. One of the most common practices is to chamfer, or cut away, part of the edge.

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