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By Ehab Y. Hanna, Franco DeMonte

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The administration of tumors in and adjoining to the skullbase is demanding given the complicated and seriously very important anatomy of the quarter and the huge range of tumor pathologies which may be encountered. to aid navigate the complexities of up to date multidisciplinary administration of those sufferers, Drs. Hanna and DeMonte deliver you entire administration of cranium Base Tumors, a complete consultant full of up to date info from professionals all over the world. complete administration of cranium Base Tumors is split into 3 sections inclusive of: basic rules web site particular surgical procedure tumor particular administration jam-packed with medical tables and lavishly illustrated, this article is written with an emphasis on surgical procedure, radiation and chemotherapy, and may attract all neurosurgeons, otolaryngologists, plastic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, ophthalmologists, scientific and radiation oncologists, and radiologists.

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A) Both orbits have been unroofed to expose the periorbita. The optic canals have been unroofed and the anterior clinoids removed to expose the optic nerves, which are enclosed in the optic sheath within the optic canal. The frontal, trochlear, and lacrimal nerves can be seen through the periorbita. The roof of the ethmoidal sinuses and the olfactory bulbs sitting on the cribriform plate has been preserved. The anterior cerebral arteries course above the optic chiasm. (B) The intraorbital fat has been removed and the levator and superior rectus muscles have been retracted laterally to expose both globes, ophthalmic arteries, superior ophthalmic veins, and nasociliary nerves.

Max. A. Pterygopal. Gang. Infraorb. N. Sphen. Sinus CN II Chiasm MCA MCA V2 ACA Car. A. Figure 19 (Continued) (G) The septa within the sphenoid sinus, the sellar floor, and the lateral sinus wall have been removed to expose the intracavernous carotid, pituitary gland, and optic canals. (H) The clivus has been opened to expose the dura facing the brain stem. The basilar sinus, which interconnects the posterior parts of the cavernous sinus, is situated between the layers of dura on the upper clivus.

Art. Facet E Odontoid proc. Post. tubercle Inf. Art. Facet F Odontoid proc. Art. facet Sup. Art. Facet Spinous proc. Sup. Art. Facet Sup. Art. Facet Trans. For. Trans. proc. Lamina Trans. for. Trans. proc. Body Body Trans. proc. Inf. Art. Facet Inf. Art. Facet Inf. Art. Facet G Odontoid proc. Sup. Art. Facet Trans. proc. Sup. Art. Facet Trans. proc. Body H Trans. for Trans. ror. Body Trans. proc. Trans. for. Inf. Art. Facet Pedicle Inf. Art. Facet Inf. Art. Facet Inf. Art. Facet Lamina Lamina Spinous proc.

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