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Copper Plate Photogravure describes in finished element the means of conventional copper plate photogravure as will be practiced by way of visible artists utilizing more often than not to be had amenities and fabrics. recognition is paid to step by step suggestions in the course of the many levels of the method. an in depth handbook of process, Copper Plate Photogravure additionally deals the background of the medium and connection with prior replacement equipment of practice.

Copper Plate Photogravure: Demystifying the method is a part of the present revitalization of 1 of the main satisfyingly attractive image-making procedures. the variety of ink colour and paper caliber probabilities is unending. the opportunity of handwork and alteration of the copper plate offers one more realm of expressive edition. the subject material and the therapy are as variable and huge as images itself. This book's objective is to demystify and make clear what's a posh yet altogether "do-able" photomechanical technique utilizing at the moment on hand fabrics. With Copper Plate Photogravure, you'll find out how to:

· produce a full-scale movie optimistic from a photographic negative
· sensitize the gravure tissue to organize it for publicity to the confident
· organize the plate and advance the gelatin face up to sooner than etching
· organize a few of the strengths of etching options and etch the plate to accomplish a whole tonal scale
· transform the plate utilizing printmaking instruments to right flaws or to regulate the picture for cultured reasons
· use the ideal printing inks, ink ingredients, caliber papers, and printshop gear to provide a excessive
caliber print

A ancient survey and appendices of exact technical info, charts, and tables are incorporated, in addition to a listing of providers and resources for the fabrics required, a few of that are hugely really good. A finished thesaurus
introduces the non-photographer or non-printmaker to some of the phrases specific to these fields and linked to this method.

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EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES Figure 2-1 Stouffer 21-Step Scale No. T2115. The usual equipment found in a black and white darkroom is needed in the production of a film positive. Access to temperature-controlled water is very helpful. Other equipment such as red (1A) safelights, a darkroom timer, photographic trays, graduated cylinders, tongs, and chemicals normally used to process black and white paper and film are required to process film positives using orthochromatic and blue-sensitive films. The standard black and white darkroom safelights must be filtered with graphic arts 1A light red, not the OC yellow/orange-green safelights used for black and white photographic paper.

When needed, remove it from the freezer ahead of time and leave the sealed package unopened during a thawing out period. After opening, allow it to achieve equilibrium with the room before exposure. This will prevent irregularities in the resist and final image. SUMMARY 1. 5% solution of potassium dichromate and distilled water for the normal contrast Autotype G35 tissue (5% for the lower contrast Autotype G25 tissue). One liter of mixed solution can safely sensitize 1 square meter of tissue. ).

Most sources mention the use of a fan to dry the tissues quickly. If the fan is large and the room is not too dry or hot, this method can work well. We have also experimented with stacking the wet tissues on Plexiglas between blotters. We have found that all of these methods presented various problems, some serious. 33 34 COPPER PLATE PHOTOGRAVURE: DEMYSTIFYING THE PROCESS Figure 3-8 Plexiglas standing in a darkroom as tissue dries overnight. Be sure all lights are off. Our solution, which seems to give us almost perfect results, is to allow the tissue to dry slowly and evenly while exposed to the still slightly humid air of an enclosed space.

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