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By Huimin Liu

ISBN-10: 0815513801

ISBN-13: 9780815513803

Content material:

, Pages vii-viii
1 - basic Introduction

, Pages 1-7
2 - Atomic and Crystal buildings of Diamond

, Pages 8-13
3 - Diamond CVD Techniques

, Pages 14-45
4 - Diamond Nucleation Mechanisms

, Pages 46-78
5 - Diamond Epitaxy, orientated progress, and Morphology Evolution

, Pages 79-91
6 - results of floor stipulations on Diamond Nucleation

, Pages 92-130
7 - results of Deposition stipulations on Diamond Nucleation

, Pages 131-142
8 - Theoretical and Modeling experiences on Diamond Nucleation

, Pages 143-159

, Pages 160-182

, Pages 183-195

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The adatoms may also diffuse into the substrate or bond to other surface atoms. 3. With increasing time, the surface concentration of the adatoms increases and clusters form. 4. Through statistical fluctuation in the local adatom concentration, these clusters grow or decay. Diamond Nucleation Mechanisms 55 5. There exists a critical size above which the probability of growth will be greater than decay, so that the clusters, whose size exceeds the critical size during the concentration fluctuation, become stable.

Crystallite size may range from several tens of nanometers to several tens of micrometers 91311411701 depending primarily on gas composition, flow rate and pressure, 32 Diamond Chemical Vapor Deposition substrate temperature and surface pretreatment, as well as film thickness. 1701 The top surface of films is usually rough and highly scattering due to the large grain size and random orientation ofthe crystallites that make up the films, limiting optical, electrical and tribological applications.

In fact, the number of diamond particles collected from the gas phase is very small compared to the typical surface nucleation densities, thus the homogeneous nucleation mechanism cannot account for the large variety of nucleation densities observed on different substrate materials and from different surface pretreatments. It is speculated and also supported by a recent experimentI233l that the nuclei formed in the gas phase may reach the growing surface and increase the surface nucleation density.

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