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By Philip K. Dick

ISBN-10: 1857988132

ISBN-13: 9781857988130

World struggle Terminus had left the Earth devastated. via its ruins, bounty hunter Rick Deckard stalked, looking for the renegade replicants who have been his prey. whilst he wasn't 'retiring' them along with his laser weapon,
he dreamed of possessing a dwell animal - the last word prestige image in a global all yet bereft of animal life.

Then Rick acquired his likelihood: the project to kill six Nexus-6 ambitions, for a major gift. yet in Deckard's international issues have been by no means that easy, and his project quick changed into a nightmare kaleidoscope of subterfuge and deceit - and the specter of demise for the hunter instead of the hunted ...

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It was as if he had given up; he had accepted the radioactive dirt and it had begun its job, long ago, of burying him. Already it obscured his sight. In the few years he had remaining it would corrupt his other senses until at last only his bird-screech voice would remain, and then that would expire, too. " Mr. Sloat asked. " Isidore set the cage down on the documentlittered desk of his boss. " Sloat demanded. " However, reflexively, he opened the cage and tugged the false animal out. Once, he had been a repairman.

After a pause the girl said carefully, "I didn't bring mine with me. " "But an empathy box," he said, stammering in his excitement, "is the most personal possession you have! It's an extension of your body; it's the way you touch other humans, it's the way you stop being alone. But you know that. Everybody knows that. Mercer even lets people like me-" He broke off. But too late; he had already told her and he could see by her face, by the flicker of sudden aversion, that she knew. "I almost passed the IQ test," he said in a low, shaky voice.

No risk to me; all I have to do is walk in and laser him. Assuming, of course, that he's in his apartment, which isn't likely. Using an infinity key, which anayzed and opened all forms of locks known, he entered Polokov's apartment, laser beam in hand. No Polokov. Only semi-ruined furniture, a place of kipple and decay. In fact no personal articles: what greeted him consisted of unclaimed debris which Polokov had inherited when he took the apartment and which in leaving he had abandoned to the next-if anytenant.

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