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This ebook is a brief advent with regards to engineering drawing for manufacture. criteria are up to date on a 5-year rolling application and scholars of engineering drawing have to be conscious of the most recent criteria. This ebook is exclusive in that it introduces the topic of engineering drawing within the context of criteria.

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They represent the outer and inner diameters of the bearing at the back face. 6. Here a circle of diameter ab is enclosed by the square abcd. This isometric square is then translated onto each face of the isometric cube. The square abcd thus becomes a parallelogram abcd. The method of constructing the isometric circles within these squares is as follows. The isometric square is broken down further into a series of convenient shapes, in this case five small long-thin rectangles in each quadrant.

There are other abbreviations concerned with holes that are not covered by the BS 8888:2000 standard. These are the abbreviations and symbols and shorthand methods associated with the dimensioning of holes, whether they are plain, threaded or stepped. For example, the M8 threaded hole has the numbers '10' and '12' separated by a forward slash. This means that the drilled 58 Engineeringdrawing for manufacture hole is 12mm deep and the threaded section 10mm long. The notes referring to the countersunk holes on the inverted plan sections use the abbreviation 'U'.

The movable jaw is actuated by a screw which is rotated by a small bar. Although the drawing is 'busy', the different lines help to make the artefact jump out from the page. This has been done by the use of different types of line thicknesses (thick and thin) and different types of line styles (continuous, discontinuous, dash, chain dotted). This is an assembly drawing and is not meant to provide any manufacturing details. , small circles with the part numbers in them. The assembly drawing is of little use on its own because it needs a list to identify each individual part within the assembly.

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