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By Arabella B. Buckley

ISBN-10: 1599152738

ISBN-13: 9781599152738

3rd quantity within the "Eyes and No Eyes" sequence, introduces kids to the wonders of vegetation via exam of numerous crops, together with the cabbage, the turnip, the cucumber, and the rose. as well as changing into conversant in the constitution of vegetation, the reader discovers how seeds develop, how bugs aid, and the way vegetation guard themselves. via this e-book childrens are encouraged to turn into prepared observers of plants as they gather specimens and learn vegetation of their usual habitats. Seven colour illustrations and diverse black and white drawings supplement the textual content. compatible for a while eight and up.

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You do not make your food, and no animals make their own food. All you eat has once been either an animal or a plant. In a cake, for instance, the flour comes from grains of wheat, the currants from a little tree, the sugar from the sugar-cane, the spices come from trees, and the candied peel from fruits. The other things you eat are meat, fish, birds, vegetables, and fruits, and all these have once been alive. Plants do not feed like this. Their roots take in water out of the earth, and other substances, such as lime, soda, and potash, dissolved in it.

If you search very carefully all about your garden and in the shed, and along the palings in the winter, you may find and destroy the chrysalis and help to save your cabbages from the caterpillars. But if you see some little white balls, about the size of a hemp-seed, lying near a dead caterpillar, take care not to destroy them. They are the cocoons of a little fly, which lays her egg in the body of the caterpillar of the white cabbage butterfly, and when the egg is hatched the grub feeds upon the inside of the caterpillar.

They have sucked up some water, and are using it to grow. On the third day many of the seeds will have sent out a tiny white root, which will cling to the flannel. The tip of the root will now suck in more water, and if you will open a seed you will find that it is splitting in half. Each of the two halves is going to be a leaf. But they are not green, they are still quite white, and you would not think that they were leaves. When you go to school on the fourth morning you may find these two halves out of their coat.

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