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By Arabella B. Buckley

ISBN-10: 1599152746

ISBN-13: 9781599152745

Fourth quantity within the "Eyes and No Eyes" sequence, introduces the younger reader to chicken existence, starting with birds of domestic and backyard and finishing with water birds and birds of prey. childrens easy methods to determine birds, why birds sing songs, how they construct nests, lay eggs, and lift their younger, the place they sleep, and the way they feed in summer time, migrate in autumn, and continue to exist the wintry weather. 8 colour illustrations and diverse black and white drawings supplement the textual content. appropriate for a while eight and up.

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In the early morning of the spring, you will hear singing in the garden almost before it is light. First there is a little chirping and twittering, as if the birds were saying "good-morning" and preparing their throats. Then, as the sun rises, there comes a burst of song. Robins, Thrushes, Blackbirds, Chaffinches, and Wrens whistle away merrily, and many other little birds join in. While they are all singing together, it is not easy to tell one song from another, though the Thrush sings loudest and clearest of all.

She begins at one end and goes quite fairly from one to another, each in its turn. Watch for birds feeding young in the spring. Thrushes, sparrows, robins, tomtits. 1. In the nest. 2. Sitting on branches. 3. Small birds feeding a young cuckoo. 4. Young pigeon taking food from the mother. CHAPTER VII Where Do Birds Sleep? WHERE are all the birds at night? In the daytime we see them in the fields, on the trees and hedges, or on the cliffs. They feed in the garden, the orchard, and the wood. But in the evening, when the sun sets, we hear them singing as if they were saying "good-night," and then they disappear.

W) WRIST. Feel one of the long wing feathers. It has a strong quill down the middle, which tapers away at the end so that the feather will bend, Now try to pull the featherlets apart. You will find that they stick together, as if they were glued. This is because there are tiny hooks all along each little branch, by which it is hooked on to the next one. So when the wings beat the air, it cannot pass through them, especially as the small side of each feather lies over the broad side of the next one.

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