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By John H. Haaren

ISBN-10: 0486174603

ISBN-13: 9780486174600

A memorable and significant creation to the nice leaders of historical Rome. Biographical sketches are chronologically prepared, from 753 B.C., the predicted founding of Rome, to A.D. 476, the autumn of the Western Empire. Readers can evaluate and distinction the characters of those nice males and notice how their activities encouraged the area.

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But the people would not allow the sentence to be carried out. He was made to do a certain penance for the crime and afterwards was set free. THE TARQUINS I The next king of Rome was Ancus Mar’ci-us. He was a grandson of Numa Pompilius, and a very good king. He thought that it would be an advantage to Rome to have a sea harbor for ships. So he founded a city at one of the mouths of the Tiber, on the coast of the Mediterranean, about fifteen miles from Rome. The city was called Ostia, which is a Latin word meaning mouths.

The descendants of those settlers were called patricians, or fathers, from the Latin word pater, a father. They were the nobles, or upper class, in Rome. The ordinary citizens were called plebeians, from plebs, the Latin word for the common people. Romulus took care to train up the young Romans to be good soldiers. Outside the city, along the bank of the Tiber, there was a great plain which in later times was called Cam’pus Mar’ti-us, or Field of Mars. Here the Roman soldiers were drilled. They were taught how to use the spear and the javelin and the sword and the shield.

When the Romans saw the great army of Etruscans in the distance, they were much alarmed. They were not prepared to fight so powerful a force. The consul thought for a while, and then he resolved to cut down the bridge as the only means of saving Rome. So a number of men were at once set to work with axes and hammers. It was hard work, for the bridge was very strongly built. Before the beams supporting it were all cut away the army of Porsena was seen approaching the river. What was to be done? It would take a few minutes more to finish the work, and if the farther end of the bridge could be held against the Etruscans for those few minutes all would be well for Rome.

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