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By Wil Mara

Find out how scientists have been encouraged through locusts to create complex anti-collision platforms for autos.

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Traffic and Road Safety. New York: Franklin Watts, 2009. web sites Ask Nature—What Is Biomimicry? org/article/view/what_is_biomimicry Find out more about biomimicry, with examples, further links, and interesting video content. net Check out the latest news on the science of biomimicry, with links to other sites as well as information for those interested in choosing a career in the field. shtml Check out this article to learn more about the locust-inspired CAS and find other links to interesting articles about biomimicry.

In 2007, Time magazine chose her as one of its Heroes of the Environment award winners. I n no vatio n s F ROM n atu r e 30 actively (AK-tiv-lee) energetically and busily involving effort and action air bag (AIR bag) a bag in motor vehicles that automatically inflates during an accident to protect a driver or passenger biomimicry (bye-oh-MI-mi-kree) the practice of copying nature in order to build or improve something collision avoidance system (kuh-LIZH-uhn uh-VOID-uhns SIS-tuhm) a device used in motor vehicles to identify potential danger and prevent accidents before they happen crash tests (KRASH TESTS) tests involving the collision of two or more vehicles to determine their strength in relation to the impact locust (LOH-kuhst) a type of grasshopper that moves in huge swarms and destroys crops and vegetation neurons (NOOR-ahnz) cells that carry information between the brain and other parts of the body obstacle (AHB-stuh-kuhl) something that makes it difficult to do or achieve something passively (PAS-iv-lee) not participating readily or actively sensors (SEN-surz) instruments that can detect and measure changes and transmit the information to a controlling device swarms (SWORMZ) large groups of insects that gather or move in large numbers Fr om L ocus ts t o .

Fr om L ocus ts t o . . A u t o m o bi l e A n t i -Co l l i si o n S ys t e m s The Brightest Minds 29 Janine Benyus (1958– ) is one of the world’s leading authorities on biomimicry. A professor at the University of Montana, she has written many books on biomimicry and started two organizations. The Biomimicry Guild develops biomimicry-inspired products, and the nonprofit Biomimicry Institute promotes biomimicry worldwide. She has received many awards, including the 2009 Champion of the Earth Award from the United Nations Environmental Programme and the Rachel Carson Environmental Ethics Award.

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