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The reasons for this failure are largely unknown. Designing a strategy to control precursor emissions, and tracking that strategy's effectiveness in controlling a specific VOC or NOx, requires systematic VOC and NOx measurements in strategic locations. Until verification programs are incorporated into the SIP process, the use of unverified emission inventories3 in air-quality models will continue to involve considerable uncertainties in predicting changes in ozone concentrations resulting from emission controls.

DISCUSSION: Application of grid-based air-quality models to various cities in the United States shows that the relative effectiveness of VOC and NOx controls in ozone abatement varies widely. NOx reductions can have either a beneficial or detrimental effect on ozone concentrations, depending on the locations and emission rates of VOC and NOx sources in a region. The effect of NOx reductions depends on the local VOC/NO x ratio and a variety of other factors. Modeling studies show that ozone should decrease Copyright © National Academy of Sciences.

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