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There are obvious similarities between the two books. Both books are set in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Both books feature young heroes who are essentially on their own trying to make sense of their lives while being thrust into situations that test, challenge, and change them. Both books are also told in the first person, a narrative technique that allows the reader to identify and form a bond with the protagonist. As a bonus, the main character from The Outsiders, Ponyboy, also makes an appearance in the new book.

Tex lines up a job working with horses and realizes that he can take care of himself. The plot, though perhaps overcomplicated and dramatic, serves its purposes well. The reader is aware of Tex’s evolution throughout the story. Of all Hinton’s male protagonists, Tex is the one who grows up the most in the course of the book. As Hinton describes him, he’s the least tough, but actually the strongest, of her characters. Tex is the one character that the reader can say with confidence is going to survive in the world.

It was like someone shut off the light switch. I was really hurt. ” Today, they have a very close and loving relationship again. E. Hinton over how the book ends. Hinton feels that that is the appropriate response to the book, telling Miller, “I’ve always said if you threw the book across the room at the end, you understood it. I wanted to show there’s not a happy ending for every story. In a lot of ways, growth is betrayal. E. ”14 Though readers for nearly 40 years have argued over the book, critics have been nearly unanimous in their praise.

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