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By David Lammas

ISBN-10: 1854860488

ISBN-13: 9781854860484

In recent times there was nice elevate within the type, sophistication, and effectiveness of adhesives, sealants and theadlocking varieties. This ebook is meant to supply useful support and tips in determining what adhesives out of the ever increasing diversity can be used for specific initiatives.

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The pedestal goes in the box with the bottom trunnion in the hole at the bottom of the box. This piece fits on the top tru nn ion . Place two screws to hold the top plat e in place. 32 Secure the jig to the bench. The dovetails are cut with a router, using a 7/8" dovetailing bit. The line on the jig aligns with the line we drew on the base of the table pedestal. 33 The screw at the bottom is a set screw. Once your alignment is correct it is very important to hold the pedestal in place with this screw before routing.

This establishes the ground around the leaves. At the neck the grain makes it necessary to go across the it from side to side . By removing the shaded areas we raise the leaves from the surface of the vase. Come from the centers out to the sides. Undercut beneath the gadroon. Relieve the wood around each of these overlapping fronds. There is a teardrop shaped section beside the each of the overlapping fronds, that is quite a deep space. Go straight in with your gouge... It should be something like this, with smoothing coming later.

With a smaller gouge, come back to the semi-circle starting at the point of the triangle formed by the two halves. 52 then move to a smaller gouge and deepen the triangle. Clean up around the semi-circle, using the small chisel to get in the corners... With a small gouge establish the lines along the center of the foliage. and a larger gouge to clean the general shape. Remember to change directions so you are slicing the grain and not cutting into it. Work away from the widest point of the vase bulb.

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