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By Dennis Abrams

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Profiles the existence and profession of the writer Anthony Horowitz.

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Although Anthony left the University of York in 1977 with a 29 30 ANTHONY HOROWITZ Bachelor of Arts degree, he did not take his time in college all that seriously. ”22 In 1977, when Anthony was just 22 years old, his father died of a heart attack. In addition to this loss, there was an additional shock. His family was now penniless, due to a chain of events stranger than any fiction. Shortly before his death, Mark Horowitz faced the possibility of bankruptcy. In an attempt to hide his money from his debtors, he withdrew all the family’s money from their usual Zurich, Switzerland, bank accounts and deposited it in another account, in another bank, using a false name.

You look at a picture one way but then you suddenly notice something different and you can never see it again the same way. 53 54 ANTHONY HOROWITZ He was right. She had done it on purpose. She knew exactly what he wanted and she had gone out and deliberately chosen this baby toy to humiliate him in front of the entire family. Of course, his mother would try to explain that Granny meant well and that she hadn’t understood what he wanted. He would be made to write a thank you letter and every lying word would hurt him.

Horrid! Horrid! ” (Granny 82–84) But if grannies hate children, they all have their own ways of getting revenge. They poke them. They pat them on their heads. Give them wet messy kisses. Give them presents that they know they will hate like talcum powder, or a book mark. They buy them ugly clothing that they know they’ll have to wear. According to Granny, all the things people think that grannies do because they are old and do not know any better, they are really doing on purpose! As in Roald Dahl’s classic book The Witches, which reaches its climax at a convention of witches, Granny culminates at a convention of grannies.

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