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By F B Bradley-Birt; Abanindranath Tagore

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With a loud shriek she fell into a swoon, Her parents hurried to her, and it did not take them long to see what had happened. On inquiry, they learnt from her full the details of the case, and the prime minister hastened to the court with the information. He received the sincerest at been so sympathy having mercilessly robbed, and the kotal was at once summoned, apprised of the affairs of the past night, and commanded to exercise great vigilance, so that similar cases might not occur in future.

The owner of the house, unwilling to receive strangers at so late an hour, did not open the gate, but asked from inside who his visitors To this they replied that they were bearers of presents were. from the king. The poor man's gullibility got the better of his judgment and half opening the gate, he thrust forth his hand to receive the gift. But, alas, that hand would never more be used, for the greater part of it was chopped off, and the courtier rolled on the ground in great agony. His assailants vanished before his shrieks could be heard by his people, and hurriedly proceeded towards that side of the Through its open palace where the king's bed-room stood.

She hastily resumed her wooden frame and opened the door to him, whereupon he at once asked who the lady of unrivalled beauty on the roof was. She said she was ignorant of any lady being in the house, and though the prince remained silent, the vivid impression made upon him by the extraordinary manifestation of beauty his eyes had seen could not be effaced from his mind. There was hardly a moment when he did not think of her who had captivated his heart, and he But his longing was vain, for greatly longed to see her again.

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