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By Liu, H.; Dandy, D.S.

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This e-book offers an up-to-date, systematic evaluation of the newest advancements in diamond CVD techniques, with emphasis at the nucleation and early development levels of diamond CVD. the target is to familiarize the reader with the clinical and engineering elements of diamond CVD, and to supply skilled researchers, scientists, and engineers in teachers and with the most recent advancements during this becoming box.

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1 Nucleation Processes NUCLEATION-SURFACE and General Features Diamond can grow homoepitaxially on a diamond surface without m p~~~,P371[*381 and nucleation problems in HFCVD, MW4lH*W ECR MW PACVD11461 from a variety of carbon sources. 4”/0) and thermal expansion. However, in most CVD processes, diamond nucleation on non-diamond surfaces without pretreatment is usually very slow. A conventional growth process in CVD of polycrystalline diamond films typically shows several distinguishable stages,l242l as shown in Fig.

It is well known that in many important practical situations, nucleation occurs at defect sites on the substrate surface. In addition, the interactions ofgas-phase species with the substrate surface in diamond CVD may lead to surface carbon atoms of different chemical bonding states and structures, for example, sp’, sp2, or sp3 bonded carbon, amorphous carbon, diamond-like carbon or carbon in carbides.

These phenomena, especially the nucleation and early growth stages, critically determine film properties, morphology, homogeneity, defect formation, adhesion, and the type of substrates that can be successfully coated. l~~~l A high surface nucleation density may also improve homogeneity of films and reduce formation of voids at the substrate/coating interface, leading to a better film/substrate adhesion. Most earlier studies on the low pressure CVD of crystalline diamond have focused on examining various deposition techniques and characterizing the deposited films.

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