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The vocabulary of non-public computing and the net maintains to blow up as new and software program develop into to be had. This revised and up to date version with 12,500 phrases outlined is going some distance past the normal own computing phrases, with assurance given to such really good topic parts as database layout and programming, networks, laptop publishing, multimedia, video, picture layout, and telecommunications. Encyclopedic reviews extend at the definitions and pattern sentences are supplied for every access to demonstrate how each one time period is used. precise vitamins for ASCII coding, signaling, and circuits are integrated.

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As opposed to the Roman numerals I, II, III. ) ASCII = AMERICAN STANDARD CODE FOR INFORMATION INTERCHANGE code which represents alphanumeric characters in binary code; ASCII character = character which is in the ASCII list of codes; ASCII file = stored file containing only ASCII coded character data; use a word processor or other program that generates a standard ASCII file; ASCII keyboard = keyboard which gives all the ASCII characters; ASCII text = letter and number characters with an ASCII code between 0 and 127; (in programming) ASCIIZ string = a sequence of ASCII characters followed by the ASCII code zero that indicates the end of the sequence Note when speaking say ‘as-key’ ASIC = APPLICATION SPECIFIC INTEGRATED CIRCUITS ASP =; (i) ACTIVE SERVER PAGE; (ii) APPLICATION SERVICE PROVIDER aspect noun way in which something appears; aspect card = card containing information on documents in an information retrieval system; aspect ratio = ratio of the width to the height of a TV or cinema screen or of pixel shapes; aspect system = method of storing and indexing documents in a retrieval system Dictionary of Information Technology, Third Edition 38 Dictionary of Information Technology, Third Edition COMMENT The aspect ratio of television is normally four units of width to every three units of height.

33’ astigmatism noun (film) a camera lens defect which causes focal problems such as out-of-focus or blurred images asymmetric adjective two sides or parts of something that are not equal or balanced asymmetric compression noun compression system that requires a lot of processing time and power to compress an image (or video sequence) but is very quick to decompress; this type of compression is normally used when creating video sequences for distribution asymmetric system noun (in video compression) a system that requires more equipment to compress the data than to decompress it asymmetric transmission noun method of data transmission used in high-speed modems COMMENT Asymmetric transmission splits a communications channel into two, one that can support fast data transmission at 9,600bps or higher and a slower channel that can support transmission of around 300bps.

5Gb per minute” Microcomputer News backbone noun high-speed, high-capacity connection path that links smaller sub-networks; we have linked the networks in each office using a high-speed backbone; backbone ring = high-speed ring network that connects a number of smaller ring networks backdate verb to put an earlier date on a cheque or a document; backdate your cheque to April 1st; the pay increase is backdated to January 1st Dictionary of Information Technology, Third Edition 51 Dictionary of Information Technology, Third Edition backdrop noun static background image in front of which are displayed actors or scenes back-end network noun a connection between a mainframe computer and a high-speed mass storage device or file server rather than the network between the user terminals and the mainframe back-end server noun computer connected to a network that carries out tasks requested by client workstations backer noun person who backs someone; he has an Australian backer; one of the company’s backers has withdrawn “ The V3500 has on-board Ethernet and SCSI interfaces, up to 32Mb local DRAM, two programmable timers, a battery-backed real-time clock with 32Kb RAM and four serial ports” Computing background noun (a) past work or experience; his background is in the computer industry; the company is looking for someone with a background of success in the electronics industry; she has a publishing background; what is his background or do you know anything about his background?

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