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By Samuel Willard Crompton

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Swedenborg is credited as being the key highbrow of Sweden for the early eighteenth century. drawn to religious concerns, he wrote prolifically approximately his ideals.

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Somehow, in the wee hours of the morning perhaps, Swedenborg also found the time and the intellectual will to discover some things that would not be verified for over a century. One of the tragic aspects of Swedenborg’s scientific career is that he was often so far ahead of his contemporaries that they took little note of him or his work. His On the Brain (De Cerebro) would not be discovered and published until the late nineteenth century. Swedenborg arrived in Holland toward the end of 1743. In chapter one we saw that Swedenborg underwent a profound spiritual change in early April of 1744, which was Easter-time.

Heavenly Secrets the church, to faith, and to all things connected therewith: for from the letter or sense of the letter all that any one can see is that—to speak generally—everything therein has reference to the external rites of the Jewish Church. 60 Though he did not employ the word “correspondences” yet, Swedenborg meant that everything in the Old and New Testaments was written in a code, as it were, and that every word, every letter, indeed, every comma or colon in the Scriptures bore some correspondence to the life of God and the heavens.

For the next 10 years, Swedenborg labored on what he believed would be his greatest contribution to science. By the spring of 1733, he was ready to travel to Germany and Holland to publish his masterwork. THE SCIENTIFIC MASTERPIECE Swedenborg’s Philosophical and Mineralogical Works (Opera Philosophica et Mineralia) is a massive three-volume work. The first volume was First Principles of Natural Things (Principia Rerum Naturalium). Here, we find Swedenborg’s scientific beliefs, at the mature age of 45: Every one, from the light of reason, may see that nature, conforming to principles of geometry, is ever pursuing a most simple course, a course peculiar to herself, and truly mechanical.

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