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New York : Weigl Publishers, 2006 . Remington, Gwen . Life in Victorian En gland. Farmington Hill s, MI: Lucent Books, 20 05. uk Souza, D. , an d Jack Harris. Packed with Pois on: Deadly Animal Defenses . Minneapolis: Millbrook Pres s, 2006. Tahan, Raya. Th e Yanomami of So uth America. Mi Publications Co nneapolis: Lern mpany, 2001. org 47 About the Author He became a doctor was born on May 22, 1859. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle l, Doyle started sfu ces did not prove suc in 1882. When this career rlock Holmes short ition to the popular She writing stories.

I hate to tell you, Mr. Ferguson. Your wife knows the truth, but she could not say it. She knew it would break your heart. It is your son Jack. Jack!? I’m afraid it is so. . 41 I watched Jack’s reflection in the shuttered window as you held the baby. Such jealousy, such cruel hatred, I have seldom seen on a human face. My Jacky? You must face it, Mr. Ferguson. He has become excessive in his love for you and probably in his love for his dead mother as well. 42 Jack’s very soul is consumed with hatred for your splendid infant, who is healthy and given affection just for living.

I didn’t expect you so early. Dear old chap, I came home early because my friends Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson have accepted my invitation to spend the evening. Is that Mr. Holmes the detective? Yes. 30 And your other child, Mr. Ferguson, may we meet him as well? Certainly. Jack, ask Mrs. Mason to bring Anthony down, please. Fancy anyone having the heart to hurt him. Good day, my little man. You have made a strange start in life. 31 , I chanced to s we stood with the child tent eyes and hawk glance at Holmes.

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