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By Glenn Stout

Not very some time past, many folks stated women and girls have been too vulnerable and gentle to play activities.

Fortunately, loads of women did not hear. Trude Ederle, Louise Stokes, Tidye Pickett, Julie Krone and Danica Patrick yes did not. Trude Ederle swam the English Channel, Louise Stokes and Tidye Pickett made it into the Olympics operating music, Julie Krone turned jockey, and Danica Patrick determined to force Indie vehicles. Yes, She Can! tells the inspiring tales of those pioneers in activities. because of them, we all know now that ladies can do something they need. ideal for younger athletes, a long time 9-12.

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As Trudy stood on the beach, Henry took a strong piece of clothesline and tied it around her chest. He walked out onto a nearby pier and told Trudy to wade toward her sisters. Trudy took a few cautious steps and suddenly her feet no longer touched bottom. As a panicked look came over her face and she began to sink, her father pulled on the rope, keeping Trudy on the surface. Then Meg and Helen urged her to paddle toward them. At first Trudy did little more than thrash about while taking in great gulps of air before grabbing one of her sisters for support.

Unlike some other women, she did not have a coach there to argue her case. Fortunately, George T. Donohue, one of the judges of the race, also thought that the addition of a seventh runner had been unfair. He argued that by reaching the finals, Tidye had already earned a spot on the team. Reluctantly, AOC officials agreed. As the Chicago Defender noted later, “Mr.  . Mr. ” Now Tidye joined Louise as an official member of the team. With the Olympics scheduled to begin in only a few days, soon after the meet the entire team boarded a train for Los Angeles.

The personal coaches waited on their athletes and made it easy for them to concentrate on competing. One sprinter was even carried back and forth to the track by her coach so she would stay rested! If anything went wrong, the coaches went running to members of the American Olympic Committee (AOC) to complain. Neither Louise nor Tidye was fortunate enough to have her own coach at the trials. The women were on their own. Conditions were tough. It was very humid, and temperatures hovered near one hundred degrees during the meet.

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