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By Mick McArt

ISBN-10: 1622097580

ISBN-13: 9781622097586

Church mice Colby, Pepper, and Jack notice new issues as they experience their tiny teach round the decks of Fellowship Church. A mystery door hidden lower than a pew leads them to mysterious determine who should be one to attract them clear of an upcoming trouble.

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On either side of the sign were colorful markings that ran down the length of the doorway. “I like the colors,” Jack commented, as ran his paw over one of the markings. ” “Let’s just pass over this whole situation and g-g-get back to the train,” Colby stuttered. ” Pepper was just about to explain how important even the smallest of things can be, when the three mice saw a light flicker through the doorway. They could hear the tumbling “boing” of their missing bean. ” hollered an unfamiliar voice from behind the door.

God works through us with both preaching and fellowship. ” Scribbley scratched his head for a moment to think, then sat on the floor. He started scribbling into a journal that had fallen from a nearby shelf. “Do you mind if I write down what you just said? ” Pepper sat down on the floor next to him, looked around and found a blank piece of paper. ” Scribbley exclaimed, while handing her a spare quill from his pocket. Colby and Jack also joined in the fun, and were soon laughing and showing off their own scribbles.

Pepper and Jack held on tight, as the train flew down the tracks and away from the Shipmunk. Scribbley waved for them to stop, but Jack and Pepper thought he was waving goodbye, so they waved back as the train pulled away from view. As he watched them depart he couldn’t stop thinking of the fun he had sharing his scribbles. He had never thought that sharing with others could be so much fun! The little Shipmunk carried their scribbles back into his library, and he sat down on a pile of books. “Lord,” he prayed.

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